Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Apple’s Flat Design OR Google’s Material Design

Google’s material design and Apple’s flat design is all the rage these days. Well, if choosing the best from the 2 design trends is concerned, then it completely depends on designer. Custom Web Designer can choose the best one as per his choice and preference. At ARKA Softwares we are providing both designing solutions, contact us at sales@arkasoftwares.com & visit us at https://www.arkasoftwares.com/dedicated-web-designer.html

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Python vs Ruby: Which outshines better for web development?

Website development is the sector which comes up with the trending technologies for developers, engineers and programmers to help them in web development process. There are multifarious technologies available for the web development and these graded techniques helps in making web developing procedures plain sailing to the core. In this post, we will tell you about Python and Ruby, the 2 top-notch platforms for web development. As a web developer, you must know as to which one from the 2, is the best for web development and which one should you opt for? As the commendable Website Development Companies in USA, we have the skilled team of developers who are adroit in web development, both by Ruby and Python also.

You will see that, Python and Ruby are being compared most of the times and these are widely used for development of websites, web-based apps and also the different web services. Both of these languages have some or the other things in common, but both have their own smashing advantages. Programmers get the good benefit of using these 2 languages most appropriately. Both of these programming languages makes programmers feel over the moon because these languages offers vast range of benefits like high-level, object-oriented coding, and also good persistence support too. Now, the question arises is that, which language to plump for, by the web developers for their web development tasks?

Ruby or Python: Which language surpasses?

Python is the language which was created in a scientific space as the prototyping language which can be swiftly translated into C++ without any hassle, if any of the prototypes worked out wonderfully. This just occurred way before this language was developed. If Ruby is concerned, then it is also the top-rated language for web development and Rails framework also expanded Rub’s well-favored nature by development of complex kind of websites.

#1 Community of Ruby and Python:
Both of these programming languages have a wide community and this community impacts the whole use of software created using these languages. The community of Python is spread widely as compared to Ruby. There are various academic usage in both science and the math which this Python has just flourished in. This does provide good support and helps developers. Python is the programming language which is also being easily installed for most of the Linux computer by making this one of the apt language for usage on numerous servers.

Ruby grew in terms of being popular, ever since Rails came into existence in the year 2005. This has led to faster web development process, as per Ruby on Rails experts worldwide. With each passing day, the community of Ruby has spread its wings efficaciously, as compared to Python community.

#2 Ruby and Python language usage:
Let’s talk about the usability of these 2 feature-rich programming languages. Well, many of the companies make use of Ruby and others make use of Python programming language. Gradually, the usage is increasing in this digitalized world. Python is greatly used in companies like Google, Mozilla Firefox, Pinterest, Instagram, Washington Post, etc. Whereas, Ruby is being widely used in companies such as Airbnb, Groupon, Shopify, Twitter, Github, Apple.

#3 incredible highly functional languages, Ruby & Python:
ROR (Ruby on Rails) is created through the Ruby programming language, and on the other hand, Django web framework is being created by making use of Python programming language as such. If said visually, both of these mind-boggling languages looks quite similar, the difference does come in problem-solving method. Ruby is the language which is created to be flexible for many of the programmers. This just enables Ruby on Rails for developing enticing web apps. Many a times, Ruby also finds tough in bug finding.

Python is much more powerful language for programming. The major focus is for the programmer. Python language just helps you in importing world-class functionality through date time and also the dateutil libraries. Ruby version includes tremendous features in this regard. There is different active support being imported. This makes it better for readability. Ruby language works wonders regarding language being flexible and Python goes well in terms of language having wonderful readability.

#4 Web frameworks in both of these languages:
Ruby on Rails and Django, both are just graded frameworks to know about and both of these just help you for creating amazing web applications. Both of these marvelous languages also have lovely and elegant performance because these both Ruby and Python are the perfect scripting languages to be considered. Both the outstanding frameworks offer you multifarious benefits, such as the models, views, controllers and also the database migrations too. The major difference lies is how the programmer makes use of both these languages for web development processes. Both these awe-inspiring languages also have quite good libraries which you can make use of, for implementing class apart features for your perfect web apps. Ruby does include repository which is Rubygems which you can just use and Python does include a repository which is termed as Package Index.

Bottom Line:
In a nutshell, it can just be concluded that both of these programming languages have its advantages and disadvantages, for the web developers and programmers. Both of these lovely frameworks are just good and also develop robust web apps. It completely depends on the web developers, as to which programming language to single out for web development process. We develop web apps by Python and we are also the best Ruby on Rails Web Development Company in USA, having competent Ruby developers of the world.